The Guru Principle

Gurupournima is celebrated on the full-moon day of the Hindu month of Ashadha.

This day is celebrated every year to express gratitude unto the Guru Principle. The Adi Guru, Sage Vyas (Founder of the Guru-disciple lineage), is worshipped on this day. Hence, it is also known as Vyas Pournima. This is the most important festival in the life of a seeker. The Guru is the manifest form of God. Hence, even this celebration in gratitude to the Guru is done for the seeker’s spiritual progress.

The Guru Principle is a thousand times more active on this day than on any other day. That is why, seekers and disciples participate in the mission of serving the Truth with all their body, mind and wealth.

Participating in Gurupournima preparations and celebrations provides seekers unique opportunities to serve the Guru Principle and thus, progress spiritually.

Thus, Gurupournima has equal importance for every seeker, irrespective of his religion or spiritual path.

1373894649_guru_principle_350What must be done to attain a Guru ?

Being able to attain a Guru quickly and the constant bestowal of His grace thereafter, are possible by virtue of the single quality of intense mumukshutva (yearning) for a Guru. A youth strives to win a girl’s heart by constantly contemplating on what he should do to please her. Similarly, we should strive day and night to do everything to please the Guru, so that He considers us His own and bestows His grace.

   In the Kaliyug, being blessed by a Guru or with His grace is not as difficult as it was in the three previous Eras. A salient point here is that we cannot attain a Guru without His grace. A Guru is already aware of who His disciple will be. We should undertake spiritual practice to attain the grace of the Guru. For this, we should develop the qualities of a disciple.

The Guru Principle is One

All Gurus are the same internally, though externally their physical appearance may differ. Just as the milk oozing from any udder of a cow is equal­ly pure and clean, so also, there is only one Guru Principle in all Gurus and the waves of Anand (note) (Bliss) emanating from all are the same. Just as sea waves advance towards the shore, the waves of God, that is the Guru are emanated towards the society. The taste of water in all the sea waves is the same. Similarly, the Principle in all the Gurus is the same. If a water tank has many outlets, whether small or large, the same water from the tank flows out from all of them. However varied the shapes of light bulbs maybe, when electricity flows through them, only light is emitted from them. In the same way, though Gurus differ in physical appearance, the Guru Principle, that is, the God Principle in them is the same.


Source : Sanatan’s texts ‘Gurukrupayoga’ and ‘The Disciple’
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